Bible Study: 9:45 am

Kid’s Worship: 11 am



 BLAST: 6:00 pm

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 9:30 am

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 6:30 pm


Question: What is a Beach Club?

Answer: It is a fun kid’s Bible club that meets right after school on Thursdays for one hour at SFA. As soon as the last bell rings, kids discover God’s greatest gift… His love and forgiveness! I guess you can say, “It’s where kids connect to God.”
Question: Who can come to a Beach Club?
Answer: Any and all 3rd – 5th grade kids at SFA!

Question: What happens during a 1-hour Beach Club?

Answer: Lots of stuff!

1st kids are met as they enter their club by friendly and caring club volunteers who give them a delicious & yummy snack!

2nd they are allowed to worship God in a kid friendly kind of way… motions and dance are accepted!

3rd then all the kids are taught a memory verse and get to hear a story told as it occurred in the bible.

4th the club’s adventures are all wrapped-up in the final few minutes playing review GAMES!

Question: What can a Beach Club do for me?

Answer: Well, it can introduce you to the God of the universe. It can expose you to a whole new way of living. It can be a place where you find strength with your other Beach Club friends. It can be one of the many things that God wishes to use to grow you closer to Him. So, what can a Beach Club do for you? It can help you make JESUS Cool at School!!!